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Sustainable Development

For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you. Do you want to get involved? You can start by telling everyone about them. We’ve also put together some actions that you can take in your everyday life to contribute to a sustainable future.


What is sustainable development

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The concept of sustainable development can be interpreted in many different ways, but at its core is an approach to development that looks to balance different, and often competing, needs against an awareness of the environmental, social and economic limitations we face as a society.

All too often, development is driven by one particular need, without fully considering the wider or future impacts. We are already seeing the damage this kind of approach can cause, from large-scale financial crises caused by irresponsible banking, to changes in global climate resulting from our dependence on fossil fuel-based energy sources. The longer we pursue unsustainable development, the more frequent and severe its consequences are likely to become, which is why we need to take action now.

So is it all just about the environment?

Living within our environmental limits is one of the central principles of sustainable development. One implication of not doing so is climate change.

But the focus of sustainable development is far broader than just the environment. It's also about ensuring a strong, healthy and just society. This means meeting the diverse needs of all people in existing and future communities, promoting personal wellbeing, social cohesion and inclusion, and creating equal opportunity.

If sustainable development focuses on the future, does that mean we lose out now?

Not necessarily. Sustainable development is about finding better ways of doing things, both for the future and the present. We might need to change the way we work and live now, but this doesn't mean our quality of life will be reduced.

A sustainable development approach can bring many benefits in the short to medium term, for example:

Savings - As a result of SDC scrutiny, government has saved over £60m by improving efficiency across its estate.

Health & Transport - Instead of driving, switching to walking or cycling for short journeys will save you money, improve your health and is often just as quick and convenient.

How does it affect me?

The way we approach development affects everyone. The impacts of our decisions as a society have very real consequences for people's lives. Poor planning of communities, for example, reduces the quality of life for the people who live in them. (Relying on imports rather than growing food locally puts the UK at risk of food shortages.)

Sustainable development provides an approach to making better decisions on the issues that affect all of our lives. By incorporating health plans into the planning of new communities, for instance, we can ensure that residents have easy access to healthcare and leisure facilities. (By encouraging more sustainable food supply chains, we can ensure the UK has enough food for the long-term future.)

How do we make it happen?

We all have a part to play. Small actions, taken collectively, can add up to real change. However, to achieve sustainability in the UK, we believe the Government needs to take the lead. The SDC's job is to help make this happen, and we do it through a mixture of scrutiny, advice and building organisational capacity for sustainable development

Training program for widow farmers

A two day training program (8-9th October 2012) carried by Nest of Hope Cameroon for widow farmers in pig rearing in the Fako District.  The main aim of this training program is to train some wVocational training centreomen on pig farming, marketing, business and farm record keeping and group dynamics. The beneficiaries are widows living in Ikata or came to settle in Ikata after losing their while in another part of the South West with the intention of carrying out farming and petty trading to take care of their orphans.

Cameroon, in the hope to fight against extreme poverty and hunger has put the agro pastoral sector in the first place in its priority list and in its development strategies.  At farmBut despite this, Cameroon is unable to encourage agricultural activities since Agriculture is considered a sentimental and cultural activity solely for rural people or a secondary activity. Those involved in practicing agriculture face many difficulties like lack of capital, land to cultivate and most especially lack of trainings. Due to these setbacks, farmers and women especially often yield less from their produce. In the agro pastoral sector, pig rearing is one of the most profitable and accessible sectors and adapted more to a local reality.

Small-scale pig farming plays an important role in the livelihood of many families in the developing world. In Cameroon and the Fako District in particular, most pigs are of exotic breeds and their crosses, and are concentrated mainly around Fako District and its environs. These areas have the advantage of favourable cliTraining with pigsmate perhaps conducive for intensive pig farming and farmers have easy access to markets. Local pig farming is a form of pig production system quite popular in southwestern region of Cameroon. In these settings, families keep an average of 1 to 2 indigenous pigs, these pigs are usually tethered or allowed to scavenge on their own. One of the animals that you are likely going to see when you enter these homesteads is a tethered or a roaming pig plus a few scavenging chicken. Pigs require minimal inputs in terms of family labour and feeding, perhaps an important motivation for farmers to raise pigs. Allowing pigs to roam freely is illegal and against the laws of Cameroon, however, farmers in study villages have continued to engage in local pig farming despite the governments call to confine pigs.


Orphans scolarship program

With A 40ft container shipped to Cameroon from Japan from the Crossroads Foundation worth  US$3524/ TOTAL GROSS WEIGHT of contents: 7646 Kg, Nest o Hope was able to support some few Orphanages, children's homes,  handicap centers etc...Nest of Hope giftsNest of Hope Container

Nest of Hope school offices

In Nest of Hopes’ endeavor to improve the lives of orphans infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS in the community, we have continued to partner with local schools to secure scholarships that enable orphans to obtain an education. An additional 20 orphans have been enrolled in this implementation year, bringing the total number of orphans under Nest of Hope’s  orphan sponsorship project to 50.

We have also provided school uniforms and scholastic materials to each of the orphans under this project.

While Nest of Hope is unable to fund the education of all the orphans in our community, we have recently started a small program where individuals (from the community and internationally) can help us sponsor orphans. Under this arrangement, 8 orphans have been fully sponsored: 6 are in nursery and primary, while two have just started their first year at secondary level of education.Nest of Hope games

Nest of Hope gifts


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FAQ: Does Nest of Hope care for children in orphanages? PDF Print E-mail

Quality of care is one of Nest of Hope’s highest priorities. A child’s development and future potential can depend upon the care he or she receives as a young child. And, institutional care is our least preferred method because children in orphanages rarely get the individual attention they need. However, orphanage care is sometimes necessary because of a country’s laws or because Holt has not had time to develop other methods of care. Wherever possible Nest of Hope develops temporary foster care so that children can receive attentive care within a family setting. Holt’s foster families are deeply committed and sacrificially loving people. They love the child in their care, and then they release him or her to go to a permanent family.


Q: What else is there to know about child sponsorship?

Donate a sewing machine PDF Print E-mail

Sewing machineIn Cameroon, Nest of Hope helps women access micro finance loans so they will be able to start small business ventures to enable these women especially Aids widows, orphans and child headed families to earn a living to support them and their families. In rural communities of Cameroon, women have few skills, little education and no means of earning a living. A switch from aid dependency to self-sufficiency is impossible without help.

If, like us, you feel that we can help these women, join us in making a difference in their lives.


Child sponsorship program PDF Print E-mail

Sponsor a child in Cameroon and give hope to his/her life. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” says Nelson Mandela. Education in Cameroon is among the best in Africa. Yet in Cameroon, only 0.4% of children from the poorest households attend school, and those who begin school often drop out after a few years because their families cannot afford to pay for their school-related needs.


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